Benjamin Ciola, DDS, MSD



Benjamin Ciola was a founding member of ABOMR. In 1979, Dr. Ciola along with Donald D. Weissman, Robert A. Goepp, Stephen R. Matteson and Stuart C. White were the members of the first group of Directors of ABOMR. Donald D. Weissman served as President, Robert A. Goepp as Vice-President, Benjamin Ciola as Secretary/Treasurer, Stephen R. Matteson and Stuart C. White served as Directors.

Dr. Ciola was chief of Dental Services at VA Hospitals at West Haven and Newington, CT. He also taught at the University of Connecticut. He was chair of the Subcommittee on Radiation Safety and Protection of American Academy of Dental Radiology.

Dr. Ciola was president of AAOMR in 1984-1985.

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