Life diplomate Process

A Life Diplomate is one who has been a Diplomate for five years prior to application for this category, retired from the active practice of OMR, and on application to the Board has been granted Life Diplomate status. A Life Diplomate shall retain all privileges of Diplomate status but need not pay the annual fee. Once Life Diplomate status is attained, an individual cannot return to active membership without providing evidence of having satisfied current recertification requirements or re-challenging the certifying examination. It is the responsibility of every Diplomate to understand the current recertification process.

If you have recently retired, or are planning to do so, you may want to apply for Life Diplomate status (see By-Laws Article III, Section 3b). In the event that you meet the requirements for this status, please notify the secretary/treasurer in writing at The Directors will consider your request at their next regular business meeting.

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