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Annual Dues Information

Annual Dues are US$350.00 payable each year by April 15 via the ABOMR Account Portal [Login | ROC-P LLC.]. Annual fees provide financial support for various services and fees:

-Website development and maintenance

-ABOMR Administrator support and assistance with the annual audit program, collection of annual fees, and maintenance of records for recognition by the National Commission….

-Annual fees for National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards

-Annual liability insurance coverage and protection

-Annual meeting luncheon

-Roc-P annual maintenance fees

-GoDaddy Web hosting fees

-Legal counsel related to National Commission

-Annual Liability Insurance Coverage and Protection

Late fee: An announcement and reminder to pay annual dues is sent to each diplomate to the diplomate’s email provided on the profile page of the diplomate’s dashboard on the ABOMR Account Portal. It is the responsibility of the diplomate to maintain an active contact email on their profile page. Late payments after April 15 require an additional delinquency fee of US$175.

Delinquency: Payment of annual dues is a requirement in maintaining membership in the ABOMR and active diplomate status.


-In the 2010 annual meeting, the diplomates voted to impose the late fee that would be 50% of the annual fee.

-In the 2013 annual meeting, the diplomates voted to increase the annual dues to US$250.00. This fee must be paid by April 15th.

-In the 2023 annual meeting, the diplomates voted for an increase to the annual dues to US$350.00. This fee must be paid by April 15th to avoid an additional 50% of the annual dues as a late fee.

If you have any issues submitting payment please contact us at

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