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ABOMR Guidelines 2018


 Sample Part 2

Radiation Physics and Imaging Techniques Exam Blueprint
  1. Physics
    1. General characteristics and properties of
      1. Electricity
      2. Magnetic fields
      3. Electromagnetic radiation
        1. Ionizing radiation vs non-ionizing radiation
    2. Properties of ionizing radiation
      1. Natural
        1. Principles of radioactivity and radionuclides
        2. Alpha, beta, neutron and gamma radiation
        3. Principles of exponential decay, half-life, specific activity
      2. Man-made
    3. X-ray production
      1. Components of an x-ray machine and component function(s)
        1. X-ray tube
        2. Control panel
        3. High/Low voltage components, transformers
        4. Tube rating, duty cycle, wave form, rectification
      2. X-ray generation
        1. Electron-target interactions
        2. X-ray emission spectrum
          1. Factors affecting x-ray beam intensity
          2. Factors affecting x-ray beam quality
        3. Beam restriction and scatter reduction
    4. Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter
      1. Five basic interactions
      2. Differential attenuation
      3. Exponential attenuation
  2. Imaging Technology
    1. Imaging techniques
      1. Intraoral
      2. Extraoral
    2. Radiographic film
      1. Components and component function(s)
      2. Film processing
      3. Factors affecting film image quality
    3. Digital imaging
      1. Components and function(s)
      2. Image acquisition
      3. Image characteristics
      4. Factors affecting digital quality
    4. Computed tomography
      1. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)
        1. Basic principles
        2. Components and component function(s)
        3. Operational modes
        4. Image characteristics
        5. Factors affecting image quality
      2. Conventional or multiple detector computed tomography (MDCT)
        1. Basic principles
        2. Components and component function(s)
        3. Operational modes
        4. Image characteristics
        5. Factors affecting image quality
    5. Magnetic resonance imaging
      1. Basic principles
      2. Components and component function(s)
      3. Image characteristics
      4. Signal parameters
      5. Basics of pulse sequences
      6. Factors affecting image quality
    6. Ultrasound imaging
      1. Basic principles
      2. Components and component function(s)
      3. Factors affecting image quality
    7. Nuclear Medicine imaging
      1. Properties of radiopharmaceuticals
      2. Basic principles of imaging
      3. Gamma camera
      4. Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)
      5. Positron emission tomography (PET)
      6. Factors affecting image quality
    8. Contrast used in head and neck imaging
      1. Indications and basic techniques
      2. Properties of contrast agents
      3. Complications or adverse reactions to procedures
  3. Measures of diagnostic performance analysis
    1. ROC (Az)
    2. Sensitivity
    3. Specificity
    4. Positive predictive value
    5. Negative predictive value
    6. Accuracy
  4. Computer technology
    1. Components and component function(s)
    2. Terminology
    3. Information processing
      1. Image processing
      2. Image archiving
      3. Image transmission
      4. Networking technology
Radiation Biology, Protection, and Safety Exam Blueprint
  1. Radiation Biology
    1. Molecular and cellular radiobiology
      1. Effects of radiation on macromolecules
      2. Effects of radiation on water
      3. Direct vs. indirect effects
      4. Target-hit models
      5. Dose-response relationships
      6. Repair mechanisms
      7. Adaptive response and bystander effect
    2. Factors affecting radiosensitivity
      1. Physical factors
        1. Linear energy transfer
        2. Relative biologic effectiveness
        3. Fractionation
      2. Biological factors
        1. Oxygen effect
        2. Age
        3. Gender
        4. Cell cycle
        5. Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau
    3. Basic principles of radiation oncology
      1. Indications
      2. Goals
      3. Standard doses
      4. Consequences and complications
      5. Radioprotectors and Radiosensitizers
    4. Early effects on organisms
      1. Acute radiation syndrome
      2. Lethal doses
      3. Tissue damage
        1. Reproductive effects
          1. Germ cells
          2. Cytogenetic effects
        2. Somatic effects
          1. Prodromal syndrome
          2. Hematological effects/hematopoietic syndrome
          3. Gastrointestinal syndrome
          4. Central nervous system effects/cerebrovascular syndrome
          5. Other tissue specific effects (i.e., mucosa, taste buds. salivary glands, bone)
      4. Late effects on organisms
        1. Carcinogenesis, mutagenesis
        2. Growth and development
        3. Biological risk estimates for ionizing radiation
      5. Stochastic and non-stochastic effects
      6. Biological effects of ultrasound
      7. Biological effects of magnetic fields and radio waves
  2. Radiation Protection and Safety
    1. Radiation detection and measurement
    2. Exposure and dose in radiology
      1. Basic terminology
      2. Risk assessment
      3. Comparison of risks among oral and maxillofacial imaging procedures
      4. Maximum permissible dose
        1. Occupational
        2. Non-occupational
      5. Patient doses in oral and maxillofacial imaging
    3. Minimization of occupational and non-occupational exposure
    4. Minimization of patient exposure
      1. Selection criteria
      2. Technical factors
    5. Office/clinic design for safety
      1. Statutory responsibilities
      2. Design parameters
      3. Protective barriers
    6. Current recommended guidelines (NCRP, ICRP, FDA/ADA)
Pathophysiology Exam Blueprint

Pathophysiology- Interpretation 2016 Exam Blueprint


  1. Diseases and Conditions of the Head and Neck Relevant to Oral Maxillofacial Radiology
    1. Caries
    2. Periodontal
    3. Dental anomalies
    4. Inflammatory conditions
    5. Cysts and cyst-like lesions
    6. Benign tumors and hyperplasias
    7. Bone diseases
    8. Malignant diseases
    9. Soft tissue calcification/ossification
    10. Trauma
    11. Nasal cavities and sinuses
    12. Temporomandibular joints
    13. Salivary Glands
  1. Systemic Abnormalities
    1. Bone diseases
    2. Congenital/Developmental abnormalities
    3. Metabolic conditions
    4. Inflammatory/granulomas
    5. Neoplasia
    6. Autoimmunne
Suggested References for American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, Inc. (ABOMR) Examination

The ABOMR used the following textbooks and reference materials to develop these exams. This list does not include all of the available textbooks and materials for studying for these exam; these are simply the resources that the ABOMR determined as providing the most up-to-date information needed to meet or surpass a determined level of competency for these exams.

This list is intended to help prepare for these exams. It is not intended to be an endorsement of any of the publications listed. You should prepare for the ABOMR exams using as many different study materials as possible.

General Texts:

Bushong. Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology and Protection, 10th Edition. Mosby, 2013.


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Interpretation References:

Koenig. Diagnostic Imaging: Oral and Maxillofacial.  Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011.

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White and Pharoah. Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation, 7th Edition. Mosby, 2013.

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